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Mary Lindseth: the maker of Notbeige-notboring

There is zero room for mediocre, but lots of room for COLOR and LIFE!

From vibrant minimal abstracts to bold jewelry, her work features layers and depth, visual and metaphorical.

Created with radiant joy and raw honesty by Mary Lindseth as she translates life moments into color and texture.

Art, color, life

Explore new art in the shop


Please, get in touch to invest in a custom original commissioned artwork. Commissioned paintings start at $300 for a 16x20 inch painting.  Please, describe any and all details you’d like in your custom painting!

What attracts you in my work? What scenes are bringing you joy? What colors do you find pleasant? What size are you looking for?

I’m looking forward to creating something amazing just for you and your home. 

Once we connect, we will have a virtual call to meet and discuss all the details to provide you with an artwork that inspires and delights you.

Thank you! I will be in touch with You soon!

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