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Renewing Wall Paint


City, county and private projects connections: let's chat about your needs and how I can help! Murals, Exterior painting, art installations, etc.

In addition to creating artwork for people to enjoy in their homes, I offer a wide array of services to Business and local public entities.

Whether it is a special collection of art created just for your business (doctor's office, insurance company, law etc.) or a mural painted to connect with your customers (coffee shop, retail etc.), I would love to help! With art and open heart, possibilities are endless!

In addition, I love taking care of painting projects for my surrounding community (parks, schools, community buildings etc.). If you are in North Dakota, reach out for a specific project as I serve an area of roughly 100 miles diameter in Central North Dakota.  Let's take care of and keep our home beautiful and inviting!

Special Projects: Exhibitions
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