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The Winds of Change

As the weather changes, as the "mental and psychological" weather changes all over the globe, I wanted to pause for a place maker, a book mark of sorts. We have to acknowledge where we are and attempt focusing our vision on where we would like to go.

We are in the cross roads, with the past being rapidly repainted, blurry and often covered in orange cones and drop clothes.

On a personal small scale, I know where I want to go. I value my resources and I choose to spend time doing what brings me joy, what fills me up and what I consider of value. Surely, it is not all about paint and color blocks, it is just a language I use to communicate. Similarly, as I develop more art installations, it is not about a "big pretty thing" or a "big wow thing". Every expression has intent and meaning behind it, sometimes the paintings have layers to unpack and it takes time observing and communicating with a piece of art. Thus making time and taking that time for exploration is imperative for growth (regardless if it is your art, your trade or someone else's; time being a currency, a resource that we must invest wisely).

On a large scale, our routine and our mindset pave the road to how we interact and experience each other and the world. Late nights-wine and chips and sedentary life style is hugely over-rated, as it leads elsewhere than we desire. So intentional building of our lives is needed (as I see it, obviously, it isn't mandatory and never will be as it makes no profit for the corporations, hehe). Incorporating quality into our lives from early morning, repetitive and consistent, filling our lives with chosen activities and enjoying the outcomes.

For me, connection with nature (even as I type AT THE DESK I can't help myself, by think about the reward I will give myself after my writing session - FRESH AIR!) is paramount. In addition, movement, music, hugs and fresh air, state of ketosis (when there aren't any back to back birthdays and holidays, that's tough!), cold showers and barefootism in decent weather.

Yes, my list isn't a list and it certainly is not full, there are so many things one can do on a daily basis to really truly care for one self. It is not about pretty pictures, but about your overall state of bliss, each and every day; consciously chosen and created BY YOU and FOR YOU.

I hope you can make your own book mark, your own place maker before we spin out into a new odyssey. It is a fun ride, so let's enjoy the HECK OUT OF IT whilst being in our BEST SELF.



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